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Pet Care

Welcome to the Root Pet site.

Here you can discover information on many elements of pet care, including feline and canine vaccines, heartworm in dogs, feline leukemia in cats, flea prevention and control, and tick management and removal.

Specific pet ailments, including MRSA infections, feline leukemia, demodectic mange, and epilepsy, are discussed in this article.

Numerous areas of pet nutrition are discussed, including selecting the finest commercial pet food, providing a nutritious homemade diet to a dog, assessing frozen pet food diets, and addressing foods that may be harmful to your pet.

Care for Your Dog

Due to advancements in veterinary treatment and nutrition, dogs enjoy longer and healthier lives. With more options than ever before, dog owners want to learn more about keeping their pets happy and healthy. Consult our articles for professional advice on diet, allergy control, skin concerns, preventatives, vaccines, grooming, dog supplies, etc.

Cat Health Care

Caring for your cat may be as easy as picking the most refined cat litter, preparing homemade treats, and learning grooming methods. It can be as challenging as coping with a handicapped cat or a cat with complex medical requirements. The articles in the ‘Cat Care’ part of Rootpet will help you offer the best possible care for your cherished cat or kitten.