Right Time To Start Taking Your Puppy For Walks

Are you starting to wonder when is the right time to take your puppy outside of your home? Newborn puppies are adorable small creatures and we totally understand why you want to show them off in public. If you’ve never had a puppy before and you’re wondering “when can I take my puppy outside after vaccinations”, this article is going to shed light on everything you need to know. Make sure to leave us a comment below after reading the article and let us know whether the information we provided was helpful!

How Long Should You Wait Before Taking a Puppy Outside?

Public areas, especially parks and grassy spaces are filled with potential threats for your newborn puppies. From viruses and bacteria to sharp objects and obstacles, there are too many things that can hurt an innocent and inexperienced animal in the outside world. That is why it is important to keep your puppy safe inside your home until it has reached at least four weeks of age.

When Is the Right Time to Start Taking a Puppy for Walks

It is not recommended to take a puppy outside before it is at least four weeks old. Some vets will recommend people to keep their puppies indoors for the first three months of their life but that’s not a good idea either. A puppy needs to socialize in its first few months in order to learn how to behave around other dogs. With that said, you should wait four weeks before taking a newborn puppy outside.

Stop Listening to Bad Advice

When it comes to raising a puppy for the first time, it is important to listen to the right advice. If this is your first time owning a puppy, you’re probably asking around for advice that can help you through the process. Unfortunately, many people come across bad advice that ends up hurting their puppy’s growth and development process. For example, many people will say that a puppy needs to socialize and thus needs to be taken outside as soon as possible.

However, taking your pup outside before it has received all its vaccination shots can have a very negative effect on its health. After all, newborn puppies have weak an immune system and they cannot battle all the potential viruses and bacteria from the outside world. While it is true that puppies need to socialize, it is mandatory to wait at least four weeks before taking them on their first walk.

How to Make Up for the Lack of Physical Activities

Besides socializing with other dogs, puppies need to get their exercises done in order to grow properly. Staying indoors can cause a lack of physical activities for newborn puppies. However, keep in mind that puppies don’t need as much physical activity as grown dogs. After all, pups don’t have the energy to match the activity levels of a grown dog. Therefore, while waiting for the four week period to pass, you can exercise the puppies at home where they will be safe.

However, make sure not to expect too much because even a two-month-old puppy should only get ten minutes of exercise per day. A newborn pup won’t have that much energy to run around. That’s why you can easily replace the lack of outdoor physical activities with simple games and toys at home. Make sure to remember that the answer to the question when can newborn puppies go outside is after four weeks of age!

Keep Your Puppy Healthy

Young puppies need a lot of sleep in order to grow and develop properly. Puppies that are less than three months old usually spend half a day sleeping. Some can even sleep for 20 hours a day and this is completely normal. Therefore, don’t expect much from a newborn puppy until it is at least three or four months old. We understand that you want to have fun and play with the little dog but it is important to let the dog rest in order to keep him healthy. With that said, don’t disrupt the puppy’s sleep because these small animals are very sensitive in the first few weeks of their life.

Time to Start Potty Training

Once your puppy reaches four weeks of life, it is time to begin the potty training process because this is the time for your pup to start going outside. Keep in mind that puppies have a small bladder, which means they need to have more frequent bathroom breaks than older dogs. With that said, take your pup out to a potty break more often but keep the breaks short to avoid contact with harmful bacteria.

When Is the Right Time to Start Taking a Puppy for Walks

When it comes to potty training, this process can be very challenging. However, as long as you are patient and determined to teach the puppy, things should go as planned. Make sure to reward the dog with a snack or a treat every time it gets the job done the right way. You should also let the puppy know that bad behavior is not accepted but don’t be too aggressive since these are indeed very small and fragile creatures.

When Is the Right Time to Start Playing Outside?

While puppies can go outside after the fourth week of life, it is not recommended to let them play freely until they are 16 weeks old. It is best to wait for the vaccination process to end prior to letting the puppy play outside. The vaccination process usually lasts until the 16th week. After that, you should ask a vet to check the dog and approve if he is ready to start playing outside.

During the period from the 4th to the 16th week of life, you can take the puppy outside for potty breaks but don’t let it play on the ground just yet. Keep the potty breaks short until the puppy gets all his vaccination shots. After that, you will be able to take him on as many walks as you want without having to worry about illnesses and bacteria. Make sure to clean the puppy’s paws after each potty break to prevent him from carrying dirt and bacteria into the house. This will keep your puppy healthier and your house cleaner as well.

When Can You Set a Newborn Puppy On the Ground?

Most puppies will walk around the home and explore different corners. However, when it comes to putting the puppy on the ground outside, you have to be careful. As we already mentioned, newborn puppies have weak an immune system which makes them susceptible to viruses and bacteria found outdoors. To prevent any unwanted consequences, make sure to clean the puppy regularly after touching the ground outdoors.

You can let the puppy explore new areas at the vet since veterinary stations have clean floors. This is a great opportunity to put a newborn puppy on the ground and get him used to the idea of walking around. Make sure that your puppy doesn’t get in contact with any unvaccinated dogs, both at the vet station and outdoors.

Get Your Puppy to Socialize

Speaking of puppies getting in contact with other dogs, we won’t neglect the importance of socialization. After the fourth week of the puppy’s life, you can consider introducing it to other dogs. However, be careful when doing so because contact with dogs that haven’t been vaccinated can give your puppy an infection. To be completely sure that your newborn puppy is safe, try arranging play dates with dogs whom you know have been vaccinated.

Make sure the dog you’re bringing in is not aggressive toward puppies. It is also a good idea to introduce your pup to another puppy who can match its energy levels. These kinds of experiences are crucial for the healthy development of newborn dogs. However, keep in mind that it is not a great idea to let your puppy sniff around the backyard or the public park with other dogs. Make sure to wait until the vaccination process is over. Then you will be able to safely take your puppy outside, let him run around and explore new areas.


To summarize what we have presented in this article, keep in mind the following rules! You should not let the puppy go outside until it is at least four weeks old. After the fourth week, begin the potty training process. Be patient and take your puppy out to a potty break more often. However, keep the breaks short and clean the puppy’s paws every time you get back.

Make sure to let your puppy rest for as long as it needs to and play with him at least five minutes a day to provide enough physical activity for healthy development. Once your dog reaches 16 weeks of life, the vaccination process should be complete. This means you can take the puppy outside and let him play without worrying about any consequences! Make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know if this article has helped you learn more about when newborn puppies can go outside!


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