Best Dog Clippers for Dogs

Did you know that grooming is an important process for maintaining a dog’s health? Many inexperienced dog owners consider grooming as a part of pampering the dog to make him look cuter and more adorable.

Even though grooming has a lot to do with the dog’s appearance, it is also an important process that will help keep the dog happy and healthy throughout his life. Have you ever considered giving your dog a grooming treatment all on your own?

You don’t have to take the dog to the vet or a professional groomer every time he needs grooming. As long as you use the right tools and learn to have to brush your dog’s coat and cut his nails, you will be ready to get the job done on your own.

Read more to learn why grooming is so important for dogs and whether you can use human clippers to cut the dog’s fur! Check out our list of the three best dog clippers for poodles currently available on the market. 

Why Is Grooming Important for Dogs

A dog grooming treatment consists of several processes, including brushing the coat, cutting the hair, clipping the nails, and bathing the dog. Grooming is done both for aesthetic and health reasons.

The dog’s fur often contains dead hairs that carry dirt and can irritate the skin. By brushing and clipping the fur, you can remove the dead hair and thus make your dog look better and feel more comfortable.

It is important to brush the dog’s coat regularly to bring out the natural oils from their skin. This will keep their coat healthier and shinier. Overall, regular grooming will help prevent skin irritation problems and bad odors.

Besides, the cleaner your dog is, the cleaner your house will be in the long run. Your dog will remain in a good mood if there is no excess hair or dirt to irritate him. Therefore, make sure to groom your pet regularly, starting from a very young age to make sure the dog gets used to it.

What You Need to Know About Grooming

Grooming is a long process that usually starts with a bath. Make sure to give the dog a warm bath and clean his ears afterward. Avoid getting water into his ears because this can cause irritation and other health issues. Depending on the breed of the dog, it might need some cleaning in the area around the eyes as well.

The first step to properly grooming a dog is keeping yourself organized. If the dog notices that you’re nervous or constantly searching for tools and items, he will get nervous too. Make sure to prepare all the tools, cloths, and towels you will need before you get started.

Once you finish the bath and clean the ears, you can proceed to clip the dog’s nails and give him a fresh cut. It is important to use suitable clippers when clipping the dog’s fur to prevent injury. Here’s why you shouldn’t use human clippers!

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Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs

If you’ve ever asked yourself can you use human clippers on dogs, the short answer to that question is no! Human clippers have tighter blades than dogs’ ones. Since a dog’s fur is a lot denser than human hair, it will most likely get caught up in the blade.

This will not only injure your dog’s skin but it will also break your clippers. Therefore, it is best to use special clippers designed only for dogs. Below is a list the best dog clippers for poodles and other dog breeds.

The Top Three Dog Clippers

1. WAHL Pet Pro Clippers

The first clippers on our list are the professional WAHL clippers for thick and heavy coats. These clippers come with everything you need to groom your dog’s fur like a professional. The superior blade geometry design makes it easy to clip the fur any way you prefer.

This tool allows for snag-free clipping and it features an adjustable taper lever for easier blending and fading. There are four different combs included, featuring different sizes. The powerful motor keeps the carbon stainless steel blades running quietly, making this a great tool of choice for dogs that get scared easily.

2. ONEISALL Dog Clippers

The ONEISALL dog clippers are cordless and rechargeable clippers with stainless steel and ceramic blades. The fact that these clippers are wireless makes them more convenient for use at home, as you won’t get tangled up in cords.

This tool comes with a comb, stainless steel scissors, and a bottle for oil that you can use during the grooming process. Overall, the ONEISALL low vibration blades are a great tool that will help you learn how to groom like a professional more quickly.

3. INVENHO Dog Hair Clippers

Last but not least, the INVENHO dog hair clippers are also cordless and rechargeable clippers featuring a low noise motor. This professional kit is very powerful and capable of running for hours. IT comes with grooming combs, scissors, an oil bottle, and a cleaning brush.

Unlike the previous two models, this tool features an LCD display that indicates battery life and other metrics. Most importantly, these clippers won’t irritate the dog’s skin and it will help you make the grooming process as easier and as painless as possible. The removable ceramic and stainless steel blade is easy to adjust, depending on the type of dog fur you’re dealing with.


If you wanted to start grooming your dog on your own and save money on professional grooming services, this is a great opportunity to start learning. Choose one of the three best dog clippers for poodles and other breeds to start practicing your grooming skills.

Make sure to remember that grooming is a necessary process both for the dog’s health and appearance. Therefore, practice until it becomes a routine and your dog gets used to the new clippers.

If we had to choose a winner out of these three products, we would definitely go for the one in the middle. The ONEISALL dog clippers kit offers just enough power and tools to help you learn how to groom like a professional.

In case you find it too difficult to control the dog or groom him properly, you can always ask professionals for help. Consult with the veterinarian as to whether your dog needs any special grooming processes.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this topic and whether you’ve had any experience with dog grooming! We’d love to know which of these three grooming kits you like best!


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